The Ross Family Adventures

An account of our daily follies and a look at what makes it all worth the journey.....

Where did his hand go?

Just looking through pic's and thought this was a good one!!! Do you know who it is??

Kim, your blog seems more entertaining than mine!

So I thought to compete I would add this little diddy that happened a while back.

The setting: The house in Little Elm is bare. We are preparing for our move. The fridge was empty and Aaron kept asking if he could look in it.

Aaron - "Can I go in the fridge"
Me - "No, its empty anyway"
Aaron - "So why cant I go in it"
Me - "because it's empty, there is nothing to see"
Aaron - "you mean there is no food in it at all"
Me - "no, no food"
Aaron - "well can't I just look in it and see"
now I turn to whoever I was talking to and say "Man the curiosity is gonna kill him"
He quickly looks at me in surprise and says "WHAT? There is curiosity in their and it could kill me"

Don't freak out......

It's just a pacifier.....hahahahahahahaha, this IS really gross!

A blast from the past

I just thought I would post this pic of my sweet girls. aaahhh remember the days! They are soo big now, starting school at the end of August. Boo hoo, I am getting old! oh yeah, Riley is the one with the red bow. (what the heck were the nurses thinking...was a bow really necessary??)

Did we forget to mention......

That Peter Pan went with us to Texas! haha


I'm just gonna find a picture and go from there....

Ok these are pics of our visit to see Miss Liz, Kyle and Jeffrey. Jeffrey is the same age as the girls and he just loved Sydney.(she sure was having a pretty bad hair day) Anyway Kyle and Aaron have been friends since Sept 2001, so most of their lives. Miss Liz and I ( I just call her Liz) have been friends for just as long. I used to be Kyle's teacher at MDO and I just miss him sooooo much.

On another note, my car is at the church parking lot even though it is 10:30 at night. Why? You ask...Because it wont start. The darn key just wont turn. I can put it in the ignition, take it out of the ignition, turn the steering wheel, the whole 9. The silly key just wont work. We will see what tomorrow brings!!