The Ross Family Adventures

An account of our daily follies and a look at what makes it all worth the journey.....

I almost forgot!!!!!

Another very exciting that happened at our house this spring was that we found the lost Easter Bunny!! He must have hopped off the bunny trail and ended up at our house! Well, we fed him some carrot's and sent him on his way so that everyone would not be disappointed next year! Enjoy!

Their First Lemonade Stand

I am sure you can all remember your first lemonade stand! Here is my kids (and a stray neighbor boy, just kidding that is Aaron's very good friend Ayman) They made about 7 dollars and had no problem splitting the profits!!

more pics of Highland games

Highland games

We went to the Highland games this summer at Lake Norman. If you don't know what this is you are obviously not Scottish or married to someone that is. This is a Big deal for such people to celebrate there heritage and see men in skirts. (hee, hee) We had lots fun. The kids got to do contests(which Aaron got a medal for 2nd place in one of the events!), eat tons of junk food, help build a hut, climb a rock wall and they loved the music! Next year we are going to make sure we put sunscreen on them though...oops!

Riley's First loose tooth!!

Riley had her first loose tooth fall out! She was soooooo excited. It was actully a few weeks ago, but you know how hard it is for me to blog. So anyway here it is. Congratulations Riley!!