The Ross Family Adventures

An account of our daily follies and a look at what makes it all worth the journey.....

Who spiked Andrew's frosty??

I wonder if all Frosty's have this affect on Andrew or just this one??


Aaron's last day of school was today. We all went to his class to dropoff gifts for the teachers. Which were homemade and yummy covered strawberries and pretzels. We stuck around for the class party and had tons of fun! Riley and Katie especially loved making some new friends with a few of the girls in Aaron's class. Aaron had a good time exchanging phone #'s with EVERYONE. I took him home early and we had fun in the yard with the "Slip and Slide". John came home early and took down the old shed in the back yard and tomorrow we are hopefully gonna put up the little pool we have had for 2 yrs and haven't used yet. Our backyard is gonna be better than the park pretty soon!! Well I am gonna hit the hay now. Hope you had fun catching up.

And David thought he was King.....

A real King wears his crown, always!!! And Poppy wears his that was made by royal crown maker - Riley or Katie ( I can't remember)

I'll give it one more shot!

I tried to post this entry twice before and the server went down. Now I will give it one more try and see how it goes......Wednesday was pretty calm around here. We ate breakfast without having any major disasters. I took the 4 kids that aren't in school to do Visiting Teaching and they were quite well behaved. Andrew fell asleep in the car on the way home and it made it nice and easy to put him in his bed for a nap. He took a short nap but had to go down later on for quite time, and the girls and I made cupcakes. When he got up from his rest he joined in the fun. It was nice to have peace for a change.

Tuesday's are for playgroup

Yesterday was a perfect day for playgroup at the park. It was nice and sunny but yet not too hot to enjoy the playground. The kids had a great time playing with all of their church friends and I even got to enjoy myself a bit while Andrew took a nap in the stroller for the first 1 1/2 hour we were there. We had a picnic lunch and played from about 11 am to 2pm and when it was time to leave noone gave me a hard time! Andrew had a fun time wearing his Scooby-doo hat that Aaron passed on to him. He thinks he is soooooo cool. John and Aaron had fun, too. John went up to Aaron's school for "Donuts for Dad" Day. They got to eat some donuts and play frisbee together. They really enjoyed their time together! We had fun after dinner too, playing with dress-up clothes, which we haven't done for a while and the kids even picked up after themselves!! And right before bed (I was actually asleep on the bed watching TV with the kids) Aaron lost another tooth. Now he can sing "All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth" with pride. HaHa

THIS is how we do it.

To answer the question that I have heard too many times...."How do fit everyone in the car." This is how.....The big kids can now buckle themselves so John and I don't even need to reach over the middle seat anymore. Looks like fun huh? And....Believe it or not there is actually a little bit of room next to Andrew for one more person. Right, Dani??!!

Once just wasn't enough!

Today we went back to "The Discovery Place" with the family. The kids spent a lot of time in the Panasonic Children's Room. This room is designed for free play, the kids can run around and do different hands on things and the parents can sit back and supervise or join in the fun. There is only one way in or out so if you watching the door you don't have to worry about anyone escaping. The water table and the sprayers were by far the most enjoyed, we spent a lot of time at this exhibit. They also really enjoyed the construction area, and Rat Basketball. The whole thing was a blast and the kids were very well behaved. We bought a membership so we could keep going back throughout the summer on those really hot days, and the membership gives up free admission to "The Science Place" at Fair Park so guess what were doing when we come to visit Dani and David!!