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Something is wrong with my blog...

I can't seem to be able to post pictures anymore, and don't really feel like fighting with this thing anymore. So maybe John will take a look and fix it or else I will just have to go back to the days of people complaining cuz they don't have any pictures. Until then Farwell!!

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I am getting tired of this stupid blogspot!

See I finally get some time to blog and the dumb thing is not uploading my pictures.

My bloggin days are few

I am sooo sorry I don't seem to have much time to blog. Ever since we came back from TX I seem to be so busy. I don't ever seem to even be able to takes pics any more. Well I will fill you in on how life is. My car broke down, as you know, and life didn't seem to slow down a bit. I just got it fixed on Monday night by someone from church. His name is CJ and he seems nice enough. Did a good it seems, and it cost about half what the garage wanted to charge me.
The kids finished up this session of swim lesson and they plan do go back again. I am just not sure exactly when.
We went to playgroup today and it was tons of fun!! We were at the pool for 3 hours. Andrew finally kept his swimmers on the hole time and I got to eat lunch without chasing him around.
Now see this is why I don't blog much. As I was sitting here, Andrew got out of the tub, came into my bedroom and pee'd on my floor!!
The girls enjoyed not having to wear their "puffy parts" to their bathing suits this time, although that did make me a little nervous. They did great though!
Tomorrow I am having a Tupperware Playdate her at my house. I hope that will be fun. And without any major incidents!
OK I must finish up with the kids, I'll be back though.....I promise!