The Ross Family Adventures

An account of our daily follies and a look at what makes it all worth the journey.....

Happy 5th Birthday, Riley and Katie

Today the girls had their birthday party at the bowling alley. They really enjoyed it and it was sooooo easy for me, all I had to do was bring the cake and candles. We won't mention that I forgot about the cake until late yesterday afternoon. It all worked out great though after john went to walmart at 11pm and picked up a couple of cakes and I did some last minute decorating. They got lots of great gifts and all of their best friends showed up too, even Nana was able to be there!

Thanks everyone for making it a great, great Day!

Christmas Concerts 2005

All of the kids had some sort of Christmas program at there schools. As you can see, during Aaron's some sort of alien probe landed on the head of the girl in front of him. The girls are looking as cute as ever, but be careful and don't let the dresses fool ya, they are on different girls in this picture. And as you can see Andrew must have sang his little heart out that day cuz boy is he pooped!!

Making Graham Cracker Houses

The kids had so much fun making Graham Cracker Houses. (There much easier than Ginger Bread) Andrew even got to join in the festivities!

Christmas Day 2005

Merry Christmas!!
Christmas pictures this year were nice!
because Church was early everyone was
dressed before we opened presents.

This was Andrew's first year opening gifts...check out the weebles he got from Grammy!!

Aaron got hooked up can never have too many magnetics.

Update!!!!! Due to recent news articles we have come to the realization that Gram was actually trying to taunt the children with a deadly toy that has recently been disposed of. Thanks Gram...J\K

And thanks to Gram, Polly will be able to go camping all summer long!!

It begins

Here's where the adventure will begin....Our 4 blue eyed blondes. Aren't they spectacular!!!