The Ross Family Adventures

An account of our daily follies and a look at what makes it all worth the journey.....

The Future of our country....

And doesn't it look great. I couldn't leave these pictures out, so here they are. (Katie is the pic on top. Riley is on the bottom)

TK Graduation

When we heard about the graduation ceremony we weren't really all that excited. Seemed like it was a little overboard for preschool, but man was it CUTE! look at those little caps and gowns....have you ever seen anything so adorable?? There was a slideshow at the beginning, of each of the kids from birth until now, then the kids sang a couple of songs and then each was presented with a diploma and a token gift representing what they wanted to be when they grow up. Katie wants to be a cowgirl and Riley wants to be a rock-star. They each drew a picture of what they would look like as these things and Mrs. Marianne framed them and gave them to the kids. After the ceremony they treated us to a very elegant dinner in the church cafeteria. We each had our own table, that was beautifully decorated. The teachers from the other grades served us and everything. The girls got many wonderful gifts from the preschool to remember their time there and some useful things to start kindergarten with like personalized pencils. It was a fun night despite the fact that Sydney wanted to eat every 1/2 hour and Andrew was bouncing off the walls and bringing Aaron with him. CONGRATULATIONS RILEY AND KATIE! GOOD LUCK IN KINDERGARTEN!

Thank you Mommy

Another fun thing Aaron invited me to was volunteer appreciation day. We got muffins and juice while the kids went on stage and each class performed a thank you skit. Isn't he adorable!

Ballet Days

On mondays the girls take ballet lessons. Yesterday was their recital. They had a wonderful time being up on the stage being beautiful ballerina's for everyone to see. At the end Daddy and Aaron presented each of them with a bouquet of flowers and then we went to the community room at the rec. center for a party.

Guess who's coming to our house?

The Tooth Fairy!!! Congratulations to Aaron, he lost his first tooth yesterday!

Happy Mother's Day to me!!

On May 11th Aaron invited me to his school for a very special day. We had a little breakfast together and we painted this awesome flower pot. We also took a picture together which Aaron later gave to me in a Mother's Day card he made all by himself. Thank you Aaron! I love you!

1 week old

Here she is just a week later. She is just beautiful! The other kids just love her to death. She is such a good baby, too. And if you were wondering....the other kids all had the same dark hair at birth also.

The long awaited Sydney

And finally she arrives!!!

Sydney Grace

Weighing in at 8lbs 15oz on May 12th only 8 very long days after her due date....and don't think that made the labor any shorter, this was the longest and most unpredictable yet. Dani, David and Evan came to visit to help out when she arrived but things didn't quite turn out that way. They left on Wed. the 10th and we went to the hospital thurs. night. She still wasn't even born until fri. at 1pm. Nothing like taking your time Syd. The Dr. almost missed it but he made it just in time. The big kids had fun at their friends houses and even Andrew didn't have a hard time spending 2 nights away from home. We are so glad she is finally here and very healthy.

The luck of the Irish

St. Patrick's Day was also a lot of fun. John, Sam, Gregg, Brennen, and I went to the kids pre-school and hosted the St. Patty's Day party for the 4 yr olds. We played pin the shamrock on the leprechaun. We made jewelry and other fun things using straws, pipe cleaners and sparkly leprechauns and shamrocks, and we did a cupcake walk! It was tons of fun!!

Fun, Fun, Fun on a Summer Day!

Or so it seemed.....
Sam, Gregg, and Brennen came to visit us in March and man was the weather nice! We spent a lot of time outside on the trampoline and even went to the park. We cooked out on the grill a lot too. Gregg, Sam, and Brennen even went golfing. What a fun visit.