The Ross Family Adventures

An account of our daily follies and a look at what makes it all worth the journey.....

Rock-Star Baby, Yeah!!!

I loved this picture that Riley took of herself. She wants to be a Rock-Star when she grows up and has been practicing with me so that I will know the songs and when she is famous and I can sing along with her.

The Discovery Place

I am finally getting around to posting this entry of Aaron's class trip to the Discovery Place in Charlotte. I chaperoned at just 39 weeks pregnant and the other mom's and the principle thought I was CRAZY! It was ton's of fun and I know Aaron had a great time too!

Breathe in, Breathe out

Andrew spent yet another night in the hosptial at the begining of this week! This time it was croup. I woke up on monday morning to what sounded like he has strangled himself with a blanket and was desperately calling for help, I ran in to find him sitting up crying with what seemed to be the lack of ability to inhale deep enough to let out a real cry. I thought he was having another "asthma" episode and gave him a breathing treatment. After I few hours I realized this didn't work and decided to take him to the Dr. He was then diagnosed with croup and we were told to go over to the local hospital for a breathing special treatment, and that he would have to stick around for a few hours after to make sure he didn't swell or "rebound" from the medication. Well, he and John spent 2 hours just waiting for the treatment and after having it he still wasn't doing well they went. Transported to the children's hospital in uptown Charlotte via Ambulance. There Andrew spent the night getting treatments every 4 hours and of course being prodded at in between. He did great though and had his last treatment at 8 am and then they took him off all medication to see how he did so he could come home, which he did at about 4pm!! The hospital stay wasn't to bad from what I hear. They have a playroom and VCR's in the room. Hopefully this will be the last hospital stay for quite sometime!!!

Girls just wanna have fun!!!!

So that's exactly what we did! When I finally got up at 8:00, John and the Girls had breakfast in bed for me. I got to enjoy pancakes, Toast, hash, chocolate milk and orange juice...Yummy! Then the girls and I were off to the movies. We saw "Over the hedge" and it was a good movie. The girls and I also went to walmart and picked up a few prizes.(like the cool hats and glasses the girls are wearing) We then came home and met the boys for dinner before running out again to the mall to hit the awesome sale the Disney Store was having. We made out with a bunch of good stuff for super cheap. Things were OK when we got home until Andrew got our attention by throwing up in his bed shortly after he was put to bed. He did that for about 1 hr and then pooped out. I cleaned that up and now here we are. It was a pretty fun day all that being said...Oh yeah and don't think I am gonna sign off here without me mentioning the kickin' watch that john gave me tonight as a belated Mother's day present. Thanks bunches, John!!! It's super nice!!! Ok off to bed it is so very late!


Sydney's first time in the Tub.

She sure did love here bath, could've kept her in there all day! She is really an awesome baby, besides using the bulb syringe in her nose we haven't found anything that really upsets her! Makes me want to have more just like her... hahaha (calm down, I'm just joking) Riley is a great big sister and helped this time. Maybe one of the other kids will get to next time around. After her bath she was SUPER tired as you can tell by the look on her face.

Our weekend in VA

So....kinda on a whim john and I decide to hop in the car with the kids and drive to VA for a long weekend. We had a great time! We went to a couple different caverns. The kids really enjoyed that, and even more they enjoyed sleeping in a hotel. One of the caverns had a display of the huge bears. They even talked. I thought Andrew would be scared of them, but he loved it. It also had a small room that had old Christmas window displays. Katie is standing in front of the Cinderella. There was also an exhibit of old parade floats and the kids had tons of fun pretending they were driving cars and trolleys, and sitting in the big chair was a blast! On the way home we stopped at a Japanese hibatchi restaurant and enjoyed watching the chef make onion trains and lighting them on fire and flipping shrimp tails into his hat. We even celebrated the girls birthday and got a free cake for desert.