The Ross Family Adventures

An account of our daily follies and a look at what makes it all worth the journey.....

By popular demand.......

Well, at least by persistent demand! Here is a picture of Riley at the Mother's Day Out Christmas program in December of 2002. You will notice her stunning ruby red slippers that she got from her nana. Because nana and pop live so far away they have never seen the pretty shoes on the pretty girls. Katie's picture came out blurry so hopefully this one will do!! To this day each girls has a pair of sparkley shoes, this time around they are pink though....

This is the best idea yet!

Whoever came up with this is a GENIUS! I hate going to a public bathroom and chasing the kids around so they don't touch anything. Of course they always touch something and we have to sanitize their whole bodies. Gross!! But this seat is ingenious!!!!

Lunch at .....

Yeah Dani's the Olive Garden! John went to work late because I had a Dr. Appt. we had plenty of time before he had to leave so we went to eat lunch. The kids were really good and Sydney was of course a cutie sleeping while we ate, she is so thoughtful like that. Afterwards the kids and I went to the mall and got Dippin Dots for desert, it was yummy. John went to the mall too, but it was only to buy a shirt to wear to work since he splatter spaghetti sauce on his white shirt.(what was he thinking).


The Court Jester??

All I can say to this one is......what is up with this hat???? 6-20-06

We are not pounting!

I just think it is so cute when Andrew folds his arms and closes his eyes for prayer I had to take a picture. The other kids of course wanted their pictures taken too. So here they are.


Decorating fairy wings

For the girls birhtday they got some cool fairy wings to decorate. One set for the girls and they came with a little matching pair for them to decorate for a doll. They girls had tons of fun. And after the big storm we had it was great to have this activity to do in the house....the backyard was trashed!


Big boy underpants

Andrew has been using the potty!!! All by himself he decided it was time and he has been doing a really good job. We thought he deserved to wear fun big boy underpants to encourage him to keep up the good work (yes, his diaper is underneath). GO ANDREW!! 6-20-06