The Ross Family Adventures

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Power Rangers and a Kitty cat

That's all you really need in the tub!

Making tortillas

I sure do have a lot of help in the kitchen! We have started a new system of helping. Aaron helps on Tuesdays, Riley has Wednesdays, Katie has Thursdays and Andrew crashes in whenever he can. It is really a great thing! They like to eat whatever they make even when its something I haven't been able to get them to eat in the past. Andrew really loves it the most I think. He pulls a chair or the stool up to the counter and says "me cook?". Unfortunately he does this ALL the time. They all really seem to enjoy it and maybe they gain some skills in the process. As you can see in these photo's we are making homemade tortillas to go with the taco soup we have going in the crockpot there. We make everything homemade now. Its give them more to help with and lets face's cheaper!