The Ross Family Adventures

An account of our daily follies and a look at what makes it all worth the journey.....

Sdyney's blessing

I am really sad that this is the only picture I was able to get of Sydney on her Blessing day. But then again I don't have any of Riley and Katie so I guess this will do. The dress was made by a friend in TX, Camille ( I am having a brain block with her last name) She actualy made it for the twins. Isn't it beautiful though...Thanks Camille

because they're cousins ... identical cousins

So I have heard a couple of times that Sydney and Evan look alike....Here they are in the same dress, what do you think??

David please don't be mad at me!! I'll post the pics of Andrew with the barrets in his hair if you want?!?!

First week of school

I Know this is a little late, but oh well. Here is the Ross' first day of school 2006. Riley and Katie were so excited to go to kindergarten that they didn't even want me to walk them to the bus stop! I did drive to the school and meet them in there classrooms though. Ya know I don't think I like to have my birthday in September. First I feel old because the kids are starting another year of school and then I feel old because it's my birthday. Anyway...... Andrew is having a hard time with it too, some days he cries usualy only if the kids forget to kiss him. My babies aren't babies anymore!!

modes of transportation

We have some friends that live up the street, but we don't get to play with them much. They do however leave there bikes and stuff all over the neighborhood so we enjoy playing with their toys even when they are not around. Aren't my boys cute!!

by the way, Andrew would REALLY like his own bike for christmas (hint, hint)