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Riverbanks zoo

For some reason the journaling isn't working right on the post with the pic's so I will do it here.

The day after Thanksgiving we went to SC to the Riverbanks Zoo. It was a ton of fun. We stayed at a great hotel where the suite had 2 rooms so the little ones could go to bed while we big kids stayed up and watched TV. There was an archade, we didn't play any games but it was fun to go in and play with the black light. By the way, have you ever seen cradle cap in a black light? Kinda Nasty!! The Zoo was really fun! lots of animals and we went the opening day of the "Lights before christmas" exhibit so the whole place was light up with christmas lights and we got to go after the Zoo was closed as members. The kids all went on pony rides and loved it. I will try to post more pics but my digital was and still is broke so its back to 35mm and then I have to copy the disk to the hard drive....uugghhh!! It was a super fun time and I would reccomend this Zoo to anyone.

Riverbanks Zoo

Hopefully this will kinda make up for not posting in a while??!!